Friday, May 24, 2019

Not a Single Day

I gave birth to a baby girl when I went out to work in Henan province. Before she was born, I had already given birth to a disabled daughter and a son. At that time, I was pregnant unexpectedly and my parents couldn't make any other choice. I still had to bear a lot of pressure to support her. I stayed iHenan province until my daughter was a month old, and then I went back to the rural hometown of Anhui Province, Anqing City, Wangjiang County.

At the time the National Family Planning policy was very strict, as another child was not allowed in this situation. As I expected, after two days, local villagers came to my home and talked about the policy of Family Planning. They said my child was not allowed to be born, or in the future, the child cant go to school and register permanent residence. I was helpless, with giving up my own flesh and blood of love, and I was forced to let the Family Planning staff take her to the orphanage in Anqing city.

Since my daughter leftwe parents were worried about her and thought of her day and night. I went to the orphanage in 2005 to make sure my daughter wain a good situation of adoption. The institution staff said, according to the national related law, that learning about her was not allowed. Now I can't find my daughter whereabouts, after losing her more than ten years ago, and not a single day goes by without thinking of her, also looking for her by all kind of methods, ending up so far with nothing.

Thank you very much!

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  1. Dear Mother,
    I´m so sorry about what you have to suffer don´t knowing anything about your daughter. I can´t imagine anything worst...
    I adopted a chinese girl 10 years ago . I love her with all my heart and I pray for her chinese mother each day in my life. I would love to tell her that her daughter is a very good girl, inteligent, hard worker, always smiling, and that she has a lovely life, with two brothers and many, many friends. I´m sure it´s the same for your daughter. I´s sure she undertand why you couldn´t rise her, and that you loved her so much than you risk your life to get her in an orphanage.
    I hope you find her some day. Same way I would love find my dauhther´s biological mother.