Thursday, October 8, 2020

One With The Same Blood As Me

The Hangzhou orphanage published a finding ad for this adoptee listing the birth date as October 7, 2000, with the finding date as the same day. The finding location was listed as the Zhejiang University Medical College Attached Children's Hospital. 

The birth mother's DNA is in GedMatch.


Hello daughter!

Your 20th birthday was yesterday! Nineteen years ago, on October 7th, 2000, at 9:12 a.m., you were born. On this day, your mother in the maternity ward of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital cried painfully on the maternity bed, and your father and grandmother, along with two aunts, waited outside the room for you to be born. At about 9:00 a.m., the doctor suggested a cesarean section because of difficult labor, and you were born at 9: 12 a.m.

When your mother heard the doctor sigh, she felt that there was something wrong. After the operation, the doctor came out and told us about your condition, saying, "The cleft lip is so serious that she can't eat. She should be sent to the superior children's hospital immediately." After arriving at the superior hospital, the doctor said that it would cost tens of thousands of yuan to repair the cleft lip.

At that time, the family was in debt more than 100,000 yuan. Considering there was no good future for living in the countryside with this disease, the family thought it would be better to put you in a national hospital where your life and future could be arranged by the state. The family planned to come back to you when our family's economic condition became better. We did come back to the welfare home later, only to find the fact that you had been adopted.

Dear daughter, we didn’t mean to abandon are our own flesh and blood, and we just wouldn't abandon you. I left with tears, really! After half a month, your mother almost couldn't get through because of the poor medical treatment in the hospital of caesarean section, and her life was in danger of massive bleeding.

In these twenty years, I missed you every day and asked around to get related files in Children's Hospital. The file records that you went from the hospital to the police station on October 13th and were sent to Hangzhou Welfare House (杭州市福利院). We also went to the welfare house many times to ask, and the staff there told us not to worry, that you were doing well. Mom and Dad will be relieved if you live well. If not, we will be really really sorry for you! Daughter, if you read this letter, we hope you can understand us... Please go home and meet your relatives!

Your dad

From Sister:
I had an impressive dream many years ago. In the dream, you were on the other side of the river, greeting me, while I was on this side. We kept walking and walking forward. The bridge connecting two sides seems to be in front, but we just couldn’t get there all the time...

Afterwards, on the day I went to high school, my grandma (my dad’s aunt) told me I had a little sister, you. I think that dream that I can't forget all the time is the telepathy with you.

I want to meet you, the one with the same blood as me. Come back and have a look. There will also be many cousins who love you here ...

Huang LuLu