Monday, May 13, 2019

Guiyang, Hunan: My Poor Daughter, Where On Earth Are You?

I am a villager in Guiyang County, Hunan Province. In 2002, my daughter, who was less than six months old, was sent to the Welfare home by the government illegally, whereabouts unknown since then. In the following years, I sold all my property and kept petitioning to look for my daughter. However, I havent heard any news about her until now.

I wasnt married until I got into my forties because of poverty. Even when I got married, I didnt have a marriage certificate. After May 10th, 2001, when our second child was born, my wife migrated to the city for jobs with my little daughter. On January 19th, 2002, the staff of the county government captured my wife and intended to perform an operation to make her unable to give birth. The government also required me to hand in 4,000 yuan. I didnt have the money. That night, I asked all my acquaintances for money and finally only raised 400 yuan. The next morning, I handed the money in and kept borrowing money from my relatives and friends. When I came back to the hotel where the government staff and my wife had lived in, I found they had disappeared. A villager told me that my wife escaped and the staff sent my daughter to the orphanage. He told me to find my daughter soon. I went to the county welfare home immediately to find my daughter. Chen, the director of the welfare home, said: “You dont have the right to find your daughter, do you? Youre not the one who sent your daughter here and you need to ask you county government staff for your daughter. I had no choice but to return to Baishui township. However, all the staff had begun a vacation and had gone back home to enjoy their Spring Festival.

I went back to Guiyang County to continue my search. When I met the staff a few days later, they told me that my wife had escaped. I asked: “How did she escape? How about my daughter? They said there were others taking care of my daughter, which, according to them, was better than me raising her. They asked me to find my wife, hand in the money, and undergo the operation so that I could bring my daughter back. I said:  The Spring Festival is coming. Please let me take my daughter home. I am worried to put my daughter in other places and I cannot bare the resulting living expenses. I havent given in all the money for the operation. Doesnt it add to my woes? They said: “You dont need to care about those things! You just need to find your wife and ask her to undergo the operation! I had to find my wife.

After the Spring Festival, I found my wife and accompanied her for the operation as required. After the operation, I asked the government for my daughter back. They said: “You need to hand in all the money first (I had handed in 800 yuan). I begged: I could sign a loan agreement. Please let me bring my daughter back. They rejected my pleas. Finally, they told me to find my daughter in the orphanage myself.

I sent my wife home and went to the welfare home again. But Chen told me that the government did not send child to their place. I went to the government again. Like this, they evaded their responsibilities and I was like a ball kicked between the government and the orphanage.

I was informed later that my daughter was sent to the orphanage in Changsha on January 31th, 2002, without noticing the government and me, and without announcement. What's more, my daughter has been adopted by a foreign family!

Since we were unable to find my daughter back, my wife went insane and left home. I started to petition for finding my daughter. The villagers said my daughter might be sold to foreign countries for organ transplanting. My heart was broken!

My poor daughter, where on earth are you?